.22 Nosler Upper Douglas SS 20″

Starting at: $985.00

Type          Douglas

Length      20″

Caliber     .22 Nosler


  • $0.00


This Upper has been designed with two things in mind, accuracy and simplicity. It comes with a Flat Top upper with a ‘Flat Top Scope Mount’. This gives you a great mounting surface for your scope with proper eye relief. It also gives you and easy way to remove the scope and reinstall it without loosing your zeros.

You have options of 1-7 or 1-7.7 Twist, Thread, Gas Block diameter, Finish, and Fluting. If you are in need of a match bolt it can also be added to your order. In the case you have a bolt already there is also the option to ship your bolt for accurate head spacing.

For the .22 Nosler Uppers we use Match grade barrels with a A 2″ round aluminum handguard with two studs in front; one for a bipod and one for a sling.


  • Manufactured by: Compass Lake Engineering


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