Interchangable Rear Aperture for National Match Sight


  • .030
  • .032
  • .034
  • .036
  • .038
  • .040
  • .042
  • .044
  • .046
  • .052


Interchangable Rear Aperture for National match Sight
Here at Compass Lake Engineering we know that every shooter is different and we try to provide products
with a wide range of variety. Our Rear Sight Apertures are a perfect example to this.
Our Rear Sight Apertures will fit into most threaded rear sight assemblies allowing for the shooter to easily
change their sights as needed. With a range of sizes from .030 to .052 we can accommodate most
shooters. If we do not have the size that you want give us a call. We make custom sizes for an extra fee.

  • Manufactured by: Compass Lake Engineering

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Rear Sight Aperture

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