.22 Dedicated Service Rifle Upper Optics Ready


Our Dedicated .22 uppers are built on a slightly modified replica of the Army’s M-261 kit.
We chose to base our upper on the M-261 because it is more reliable and more accurate than the alternative on the market. This unit does lock back on a standard .223 mag or BobSled.
The M-261 magazines are insert magazines that fit into a standard .223 magazine. The bolt will not lock back automatically on the last shot with the .22 insert magazine installed. The bolt can be manually locked back with either.
All upper receivers are supplied with two magazines and one single round loading device (LED). This device enables you to insert a single round into the chamber to make it possible to single load the rifle. Alternatively, you may purchase a BobSled for single fire.
The Bob Sled that we offer is designed to work specifically with your CLE M-261 .22 Upper no matter the configuration.
We use Douglas Stainless 1-16 twist rimfire barrel. The cartridges chamber directly into the barrel, there is no false chamber. The chambering reamer is a JGS match reamer that is very similar to the Bentz reamer.
We offer all the same options and upgrades standard on our .22 Service rifle uppers as our .223 Service rifle uppers.

Manufactured by: Compass Lake Engineering

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