Cleaning and Lubricating

After the barrel is broken in, clean the bore immediately each time after the rifle is fired.
De-copper the bore and use JB bore cleaner every 200-300 rounds.
Field strip and clean the bolt carrier assembly.
Use a patch soaked with bore cleaner to clean the bolt carrier bore and the bolt face and stem.
Dry all parts and lubricate bolt locking lugs, gas rings, and bolt stem with CLP and reassemble the bolt carrier, while lubricating the cam pin and firing pin with CLP during the process.
Clean out the inside of the upper receiver with a paper towel or patch; lubricate the charging handle, support rails of the bolt carrier, and the inside of the bolt carrier key. Reassemble.

Note: The entire cleaning process is much easier by bringing a rod, patches, and bore cleaner to the range with you.
As soon as you are finished firing the rifle, break the rifle open, remove the bolt carrier assembly, run a little bore cleaner into the two gas vent holes in the dish on the right side of the bolt carrier.
Pump the bolt back and forth a few times to distribute the bore cleaner.
This will soften the carbon in the bolt carrier and make it very easy to clean once you get home.
I also suggest that you run two patches soaked with bore cleaner through the barrel and allow it to soak until you get home and then do a thorough cleaning job.

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