AR15 Bob Sled


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AR15 Bob Sled
Bob Hahin has designed the Original Bob Sled(OBS) as a single round loading device for AR-15 and similar pattern rifles. A single round loading device is a magazine that holds no rounds. Its purpose is to allow the loading and firing of a single round at a time during competition, at the benchrest, or out varmint shooting. The OBS is CNC machined from a single piece of black Delrin®.

The OBS is inserted instead of a magazine. When the bolt is opened, the built-in plunger trips the bolt catch and holds the bolt open. A single round is then placed in the ejection port and allowed to rest in the channel of the OBS. The bolt release button is pressed and the single round is loaded. When that round is fired, the action cycles normally and the OBS plunger trips the bolt catch lever to hold the bolt open. This provides a very smooth operation for the slow fire that is required during High Power Rifle Competition, Benchrest Competition, load development, and varmint or long range shooting where the length of the bullet may exceed maximum magazine length.

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