CLE Chamber Gauge


Compass Lake Engineering Chamber Gauge
This gauge is used to check the headspace and overall case fit of sized brass to the Compass Lake Engineering Chamber.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE COMPASS LAKE ENGINEERING CHAMBER GAUGE Clean the gauge to insure there are no particles inside the gauge. Then drop one of your sized cases into the chamber gauge. Make sure that it slips easily into the chamber gauge and falls back out without sticking. There should be a solid stop when the shoulder of the cartridge case contacts the internal shoulder of the chamber gauge.
The cartridge case will not go all the way into the gauge. Please note the number stamped on the gauge, ex., 2.460”.
Measure the overall length (OAL) of the cartridge case plus the gauge. Please use an accurate caliper. You may need to wiggle the chamber gauge around a little bit to find the smallest reading on the caliper.
Your measurement must be the same as the number stamped on the gauge (the calibration number) plus .000” minus .002”.
Screw your sizing die in to shorten the headspace dimension on your cartridge cases.
Please check 10 or so cases and adjust the die until the longest case does not exceed the calibration. It is normal to have some variation in headspace dimension from one sized case to the next. Just be sure that it is no more than minus .002”. This will ensure you are within the tolerance zone.

  • Manufactured by: Compass Lake Engineering


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