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Chamber                                                                                                                                                                                        The CLE match chamber is basically the same as a .223 SAAMI spec chamber with a modified lead angle in the throat. The CLE chamber has a 1.5 degree lead angle per side where the .223 is over 3 degrees. This allows for less bullet jump with out of the magazine ammo yet still providing an advantageous lead angle for modern high ballistic coefficient bullets. The Wylde chamber is .002 bigger in the cartridge case area and has a longer throat.
On the average the CLE chamber will shoot 23% smaller groups with out of the magazine ammo. The CLE match chamber will give better barrel life due to the shorter throat and gives slightly higher pressure.
There has been no problem shooting PMC, Lake City and IMI .556 Rounds out of the CLE chamber.
It is ultimately up to the shooter to determine the suitability of the ammo in a particular firearm.

  • Manufactured by: Compass Lake Engineering


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