National Match Service Rifle Float Tube/Handguard Kit


This is a Compass Lake Engineering service rifle float tube with sling swivel and handguard.

Black, A2 Handguards modified to fit our service rifle float tube. These are Mil-Spec composite handguards, not plastic. These handguards are the perfect finish to your National Match Rifle These handguards are ready to install on our float tube but may need some minor fitting to complete installation.
Float Tube w/Sling Swivel
The float tube is the most important upgrade that you can make to your rifle to improve accuracy. The purpose of the float tube is to isolate sling tension from the barrel. Our float tubes have been proven to be “Marine Proof.” They continue to use our float tubes.
Most tubes use a much longer slot to allow for the use of the ‘mil-spec’ gas tube. Our research indicated that much of the ‘premature failure’ was caused by deflection of the cylindrical section of the tube due to the long slot. We instead ‘re-bend’ the mil-spec gas tube to fit into the short slot. We now have a much more rigid tube. We silver solder a modified mil-spec handguard cap and a sling swivel lug that we manufacture, to the front of the tube.
The placement of the sling swivel, which is included on our float tube does not obstruct access to the set screws in the windage adjustable front sight base, so you are able to adjust the front sight base without interference. Our float tube is reusable and can be reinstalled when re-barreling your upper. It requires no loctite.
Additionally, we developed a unique way to attach the float tube to the upper receiver. We designed a barrel nut that maintains the mil-spec configuration that allows the handguards to fit with no rotation. Our barrel nut is machined with a swivel collar that allows the installer to align the barrel nut to the upper receiver.
Service Rifle Gas Tube
This is a National Match Gas Tube that is specifically bent to work with our float tubes.

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